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About the Instructor

Meet Ivy, the sensational group dance fitness enthusiast who grapevined her way into the world of SHiNE Dance Fitness during the pandemic in January 2021! Shimmying in her living room to SHiNE online, Ivy found her groove and decided to share one of her passions (dance fitness) with others.

November 2021 marked the dawn of her journey as a licensed SHiNE instructor. With determination, Ivy waltzed through training, mastering every beat and step, ready to share the joy of dance with the world and became officially SHiNE certified in December 2021.

Fast forward to September 30th of 2023, and you'll find Ivy spreading the infectious rhythm of SHiNE in the vibrant streets of Washington, DC in Studio 2 at Balance Gym Foggy Bottom (Fairmont Hotel). Her classes are a melting pot of fun, energy, laughter, and pure dance euphoria. From beginners to seasoned dancers, Ivy's classes are a magnet for anyone looking to shake off the stress and shimmy into sheer happiness.

For Ivy, it's not just about dancing; it's about creating a community where every step counts, where the only way to go is forward—dancing, shining, and embracing the rhythm of life! Join us as we SLAY, PLAY, and SHINE into 2024!